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The Role of Fischer-tropsch Wax in Rubber

1. What are the applications of Fischer-Tropsch wax?

The application fields of Fischer-Tropsch wax mainly include PVC plastic processing, craft candles, filling masterbatch, plastic wood processing, and a small amount of application in the tire rubber industry after compounding. Hot melt adhesives, inks, coatings, modified asphalt and other fields need to be expanded and developed.

High melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax such as 105°C Fischer-Tropsch wax can replace imported FT wax and polyethylene wax in the fields of PVC processing, ink coating and rubber protection.

When used in the external lubricant of PVC, because the viscosity of Fischer-Tropsch wax is lower than that of polyethylene wax, the same lubricating effect can be achieved by using 70% of polyethylene wax, and the product has good oxidation resistance and good weather resistance.

2. The application of Fischer-Tropsch wax in the plastics processing industry

Fischer-Tropsch wax at 105°C is mainly used as an external lubricant and stabilizer auxiliary in PVC processing. At present, the output of PVC in China is about 16 million tons. tons.

Due to the toxicity of lead salt stabilizer, it is easy to volatilize during processing, which is harmful to human body. Therefore, Chinese manufacturers of PVC are mandatory to replace lead salt stabilizer with calcium and zinc stabilizer.

However, the lubricating effect of calcium-zinc stabilizer is general, and it is necessary to add Fischer-Tropsch wax to enhance lubricity, increase processing and extrusion efficiency, and significantly improve the surface gloss of products.

3. Fischer-Tropsch wax is used in the rubber industry

Chinese rubber protective wax is generally made of paraffin wax and microcrystalline wax, which can delay the ozone aging process of unsaturated rubber and is widely used in tires and rubber products.

Countries have applied Fischer-Tropsch wax to the field of rubber protective wax, usually FT wax with very low oil content is used, and Fischer-Tropsch wax products with different carbon number distributions are selected according to different formulations.

Chinese Fischer-Tropsch wax has also begun to enter the field, mainly 70 ℃ Fischer-Tropsch wax, which is used to replace about 20% paraffin wax, and is used in combination with microcrystalline wax.

4. Fischer-Tropsch wax in the hot melt adhesive industry

Hot melt adhesives are mainly used in automotive interiors, paper pasting, shoe materials, packaging and other fields. The performance requirements of hot melt adhesives in these fields are mainly to improve heat resistance, fast bonding, fast drying, etc., adding high melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax It can improve the performance of hot melt adhesive.

At present, China Fischer-Tropsch wax is mainly used in plastic processing, plate processing and candle industries. With the improvement of the quality of China's Fischer-Tropsch wax products and the expansion of applications in candles, plate processing, rubber protection, ink and coatings, it is estimated that in 2022, China's Fischer-Tropsch wax will increase The demand for the wax support market will be even higher.

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