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What is the Function of Car Tire Wax?

Cars are the most important means of transportation for people, so they attach much importance to maintaining their cars. Some people may think that every part of the car requires maintenance and care, which benefits their car. And then comes the question, what is the role of car tire wax? Do you have the habit of waxing your car's tires?

1. The role of car tire wax

There are many types of tire wax in the market, including tire paste, sealing glaze, wax, and cleaning and brightening agents. Their functions are mainly to prevent cracking, rubber aging, corrosion, and UV protection.

However, these functions are not really useful on the tires, even a ripoff in some cases. When legitimate tire manufacturers produce their tires, they must consider the anti-corrosion and anti-aging abilities of the tires. Most tires in the warranty period have no doubt about these two aspects, and expired tires must be replaced. Therefore, some functions of car tire wax are unnecessary.

2. The hazards of poor quality car tire wax?

The role of car tire wax is very limited. Unfortunately, if poor quality car tire wax is used, not only is the tire and wheel hub not guaranteed, but also the tire wax will condense into lumps on the tire surface, accelerating tire aging. Therefore, it's best not to have too much hope for tire waxing or anything else. If only to clean the tire, that's without a doubt.

For example, if a buddy usually doesn't wax the tires, a tire needs to be replaced after normal driving for 10,000 kilometers. If a buddy usually needs to wax the tires and wash the car, the tire needs to be replaced after 8,000 kilometers. However, if car cleaning is quite diligent, the tire will be replaced in a shorter time.

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