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Tire Wax

As an experienced industrial wax manufacturer, we provide car tire wax, which is used as an additive in the production of tires to isolate them from ozone and prevent them from corrosion, aging and cracking.

1. In tire production, after the rubber is extruded into a layer, the low paraffin content helps to maintain its lamination viscosity. Tire wax is suitable for natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber and their compound formulations. Car tyre wax has good compatibility with it, and has a good effect on the calendering and extrusion processing of rubber.

2. The protective car wheel wax has good compatibility with synthetic rubber, which can improve tire performance. Grip and braking performance are widely used in tire production.

3. Conducive to filling and lowering the mixing temperature. Engine oil and pine tar substitutes can be used as special oils for all-steel radial tires.

4. The wheel wax is widely used in rubber products using natural rubber and synthetic rubber as raw materials.

5. Quality indicators such as the specific gravity, viscosity, and aromatic content of the protective car tyre wax have a great influence on the physical properties of the rubber compound.

6. The lower the aniline point of the oil, the higher the aromatic content of the oil. The aromatic content affects the hardness of the compound. High aromatic content can improve the elasticity and toughness of rubber. Flash point is one of the test materials safety. At present, the problems of protective wax are high water content and uneven viscosity, which bring many unfavorable factors to production.

7. For rubber, high aromatic content helps increase oil absorption time and speed up mixing capacity. The high aromatic content of Tongli also provides better carbon black dispersion performance, which helps to achieve better continuous consistency of product performance under the control of general process conditions.

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