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Some Questions About Microcrystalline Wax

1. What are the product features of Microcrystalline Wax?

(1). Restore shine

Added with special grade palm wax component, it can restore the original color of the body, make the paint color rich, clear and bright, and dazzling.

(2). Scratch-resistant

The added nano-fluorine and inorganic glass fiber can effectively remove small scratches on the paint surface, and fill uneven parts of the paint surface, thereby increasing the brightness and smoothness of the paint surface.

(3). Resist paint oxidation

Forming a protective layer on the painted surface can effectively protect the body from the influence of ultraviolet rays and resist paint oxidation.

(4). Resist acid rain

The microcrystalline wax protective layer formed on the paint surface can also resist acid rain corrosion and provide good protection for the paint.

2. What is the difference between microcrystalline wax and ordinary car wax?

Ordinary car wax is mostly petroleum compounds with oxidative properties that only increase paint brightness for a short time, with poor protection and short duration. Long-term use will oxidize the car paint, and inferior wax contains abrasive particles that can cause damage to the paint surface during waxing.

Microcrystalline wax is not extracted from petroleum. It uses unique Brazilian natural palm extract ingredients combined with nano-fluorine and inorganic glass fiber brighteners. It can not only remove slight scratches on the paint surface without harming the car paint but also increase the brightness and smoothness of the paint surface and enhance water repulsion. It achieves safer, more efficient, and more durable paint protection than ordinary car wax.

3. How long does microcrystalline wax last?

It depends on the use of the vehicle, 1-2 months. Ordinary car wax is generally 15 days.

4. How many cars can one bottle of microcrystalline wax do?

One bottle can only do one car, making it clear that the customers pay for what they get, without cutting corners or reducing materials.

5. What are the effects of nano-fluorine and inorganic glass fiber brighteners in microcrystalline wax?

Nano-fluorine has strong permeability and can lastingly enhance the gloss of the paint surface. Inorganic glass fiber brighteners enhance the hardness and water-repellence of microcrystalline wax, making it have super water-repellent and micro-scratch-removing properties that ordinary wax does not have.

6. Why do we use microcrystalline wax after crystal plating?

Microcrystalline wax is different from ordinary petroleum compound wax. Its unique nano-fluorine and inorganic glass fiber brighteners can not only avoid harming the crystal plating but also restore the paint surface's luster, making the crystal plating more durable.

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