Hubei Myers Petrochemical Co., Ltd
Hubei Myers Petrochemical Co., Ltd
Raw wax products
We are a leading industrial wax manufacturer located in Hubei, China. As a professional wax manufacturer, we offer a range of industrial wax raw material products to businesses internationally including but not limited to semi-and fully-refined paraffin waxes, slack waxes and microcrystalline waxes

Since China has foreign exchange controls including the US.dollar, we established a branch in Hong Kong to receive payment from customers named POWERFUL INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED. To better penetrate the wax market in the Americas, we also have a communication branch in Toronto,Canada
Paraffin Wax
Paraffin wax material is a solid crystal product extracted from petroleum.
Micro Crystalline Wax Bulk
Microcrystalline wax is a refined synthetic industrial wax raw material with similar microcrystalline properties. It has the characteristics of good gloss, high melting point, and light color. Its structure is compact, firm and smooth.
Rubber Protective Wax
The composition structure of rubber protective wax is very different from that of ordinary paraffin wax material.
Fischer-Tropsch Wax
Fischer-Tropsch wax is a methylene polymer, which is an alkane synthesized from synthesis gas or natural gas.
Us we wax carries tons of raw wicking and pre-waxed wick assemblies! As a wax supplier, we also offer candle wicks in small or large rolls and as pre-waxed wick assemblies.
Applications of Us We Wax Raw Material
Paraffin wax is widely used in moisture-proof and waterproof wrapping paper, cardboard, special surface coating and candle production. Industrial wax manufacturer need to immerse the paper in paraffin wax. Then various wax papers with good waterproof performance can be prepared, which can be used in food, food packaging, metal rust prevention and printing industries; after wax raw material is added to cotton yarn, it will heat and be soft and soft, which is beneficial to the production of paraffin.