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Polish Wax

The polish wax is used as additives in the production of printing inks and varnishes to improve the resistance of the products to friction or scratching or to achieve a certain appearance and to act as a barrier to moisture. It is also used as a ligand material for enamels, lubricating agents.

Corrosion protection wax can be used in a variety of paint, paint stripper, rust preventative, structural coating, and other industrial coatings. Paraffin wax enhances the gloss and buff characteristics of polish or paste.

In paints, protective wax can be used to modify film and rheology properties. Paint stripper formulas can find benefits where the use of paraffin waxes can prevent the volatilizing of solvents. Since rust prevention wax is naturally hydrophobic, they make an excellent addition to rust preventative coatings and structural/architectural coatings. Their relatively low viscosity makes blending efficient.

The polish wax raw material is mainly a surface-active substance. They can create high hardness values on surfaces and uniform silky-gloss to silky surfaces. They have a favorable effect on scratch resistance and anti-blocking properties. Combinations with other fillers and matting agents can lead to positive synergies.

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