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On the Difference Between Fischer-tropsch Wax and Paraffin Wax

Wax is a shiny solid at room temperature. Its chemical property is inert. It is more stable than oil and is not easy to saponify. It is not easy to oxidize and deteriorate in the air. Many customers don't know what Fischer Tropsch wax and parafix wax are. So what are the differences between them?

What's the difference between Fischer Tropsch wax and parafix wax?

Parafix wax is a kind of mineral wax and a kind of petroleum wax. It is a material obtained after freezing or solvent dewaxing, degreasing and refining of petroleum fractions. It is divided into crude parafix wax, semi refined and fully refined parafix wax, edible parafix wax, etc. It is used in the manufacture of candles, matches, electrical insulation materials, high-grade fatty acids, high-grade alcohol, etc.

Due to the increasing shortage of animal wax and plant wax resources, most candles are made of parafix wax. Parafix wax has the characteristics of melting after heating, glowing, black smoke and heating when the candle burns.

Fischer Tropsch wax is mainly composed of linear and saturated high-carbon alkanes with molecular weight of 500-1000. The chemical has fine crystalline structure, high melting point, narrow melting point range, low oil content, low penetration, low melting degree and low melting.

There are the following significant differences between Fischer Tropsch wax and ordinary polyethylene wax (Penglass).

Molecular weight: the molecular weight of Fischer Tropsch synthetic wax is much lower than that of PE wax. It has few branches and high crystallinity. It is easy to penetrate into the high viscosity macromolecular chain, which can significantly reduce the melt viscosity. It also has the characteristics of small mobility in processing and obvious lubrication effect in the later stage.

Fischer Tropsch wax is saturated and directly connected to alkanes. It does not contain double bonds, has strong antioxidant capacity and good weather resistance.

The viscosity of Fischer Tropsch wax is far lower than PEO, only about 10%. A small amount of Fischer Tropsch wax can obtain the same lubrication effect, and the amount is only 70-80% of PE wax. Fischer Tropsch wax has good compatibility with PVC and is also suitable for internal and external lubricants.

As a good internal lubricant, it can effectively control shear conditions, promote flow, control friction and melting properties, and improve thermal stability.

At the same time, due to the crystallinity and high linear structure of Fischer Tropsch wax, the physical and processing properties most suitable for PVC products can be obtained. According to the needs, alkanes with different chain lengths can be synthesized in the battle process to change the molecular weight of the final product, so as to form a series of products.

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