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How to Choose the Best Candle Wick Maker?

Choosing the best candle wick manufacturer requires a thorough understanding of candle types and selection. In the world of candles, the variety of waxes, scents and colors brings endless options. In addition, candle wick manufacturer quality control standards should be studied.

Buying candles through a wick maker can help keep costs down. There are many reasons to buy from a wholesaler. They can include buying bulk items for events like weddings, or restocking in stores. Unlike buying candles from a local retailer, buying wholesale candles requires buying candles based on factors other than touch and feel.

1. Aspects to consider when choosing a candle wick manufacturer

When it comes to choosing the best wholesale candles, the most popular fragrances, like vanilla and cinnamon, are similar across most candle collections. Before ordering, it is best to contact the wick manufacturer directly to inquire about the accuracy of the colors in their marketing materials (print and online).

When buying wholesale candles, the reputation of the candle wick manufacturer should also be considered. This can be done by researching online and contacting local candle associations and membership organizations. Talking to other customers and requesting a trade reference is another way to ensure your wholesaler is selling candles that meet industry standards.

When choosing the best wholesale candles, it can be helpful to take any opportunity to try a candle beforehand. Options include visiting local wick makers who sell specific candle brands and testing before ordering large quantities of candles from wholesalers. Some candle wick manufacturers may send samples of some of their most popular candles to existing businesses and potential customers. When ordering wholesale candles, you will want to consider other restrictions. The location of the wholesaler should be considered. This is important for calculating shipping costs and ensuring adequate lead times. Ordering wholesale candles from local or regional wholesalers can reduce overall costs and ensure that the candles are received without damage, such as can occur during shipping and long-term high temperature storage.

2. The diameter of the candle is the most important factor in determining the size of the wick required for the candle

The candle wick is responsible for the "burning" role in the candle. In order to balance the burning speed of the candle wick and the speed of consuming wax, the appropriate thickness of the candle wick should be selected according to the diameter of the candle mold. There are many specifications of candle wicks, and the batches and standards are also different. Therefore, if you need to buy candle wicks, it is best to confirm whether the candle wick model given by the store you buy is what you need. Generally, candle wick manufacturers will clearly mark the type of candle wick they sell and the diameter of the suitable candle wick.

For example, if you choose a candle mold with a diameter of 5cm, and only use a wick that can burn 3cm wide, it will cause residues on the four sides of the candle when it burns, and the combustion pool cannot be melted to the edge of the container, which may also cause the candle to burn during the burning process. self-extinguishing. For another example, you still pick up your favorite 5cm candle mold, but this time you use a 55-strand wick that can burn 8cm, then you will get a candle that burns out quickly and a table full of tears. With a wick that is too thick, the burning time of the candle will be shortened.

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