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Composition and Selection of Micro Crystalline Wax

1. Explanation of composition of micro crystalline wax

Micro crystalline wax is a colorless, odorless, solid saturated hydrocarbon mixture extracted from crude oil fractionation. It is a refined synthetic wax. Its composition determines its characteristics - it can melt with various natural waxes.

Density: 0.8-0.92g/m

Properties: odorless and tasteless, white amorphous solid wax.

Melting point: 60-90 ℃

Boiling point: 510.078 ℃ (760 mmHg)

Flashpoint: 215.876 ℃

Solubility: insoluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in hot ethanol, soluble in benzene, chloroform, ether, etc.; miscible with various mineral waxes, vegetable waxes and hot fatty oils.

Chemical composition: it is mainly branched saturated hydrocarbon of c31-70, containing a small amount of ring and straight-chain longitude, ash content is less than 0.05%, and the content of heavy metal lead and arsenic is 2 × Below 10-6. This wax has high viscosity. It has ductility, is not fragile at low temperatures, and prevents oil separation and precipitation when mixed with liquid oil. Micro crystalline wax with a melting point of 77-80 ℃ has ductility, which is similar to soft ground wax. Micro crystal wax with a melting point of 88-90 ℃ is hard. It looks like lignite wax.

Micro crystalline wax is a new type of synthetic wax that appeared in the 1990s. Micro crystalline wax has more extensive uses, simpler processing and reduced the cost by 50%.

Due to the different compositions of micro crystalline wax, we strictly control the purchase of raw materials. Only good micro crystalline wax raw materials and good technology can produce high-quality micro crystalline wax.

2. Efficacy and function of micro crystalline wax in skincare cosmetics

Many consumers have noticed that some cosmetics contain the chemical substance micro crystalline wax, but they do not know the efficacy and function of this substance. They want to know whether the products containing micro crystalline wax are good or not.

Micro crystalline wax is mainly used as an adhesive and emulsifying stabilizer in cosmetics and skincare products. The risk coefficient is 1. It is relatively safe and can be used safely. It generally has no impact on pregnant women. Micro crystalline wax does not cause acne.

Micro crystalline wax is used as an adhesive and emulsion stabilizer in cosmetics. It is a substitute for paraffin wax. Micro crystalline wax is more elastic and vicious than paraffin wax. It is a safe component and additive.

3. How to select high-quality micro crystalline wax manufacturers?

The production of micro crystalline wax is divided into solid micro crystalline wax manufacturers and liquid micro crystalline wax manufacturers. The production processes of the two enterprises are still different. Therefore, when purchasing, we should first select the right manufacturer of micro crystalline wax.

The following aspects should be paid attention to when selecting a good supplier:

(1) Smooth supply of materials: so that the production will not be stopped due to the shortage of micro crystalline wax.

(2) Stability of incoming quality: ensure the stability of finished product quality.

(3) Conformity of delivery quantity: make the company's production quantity accurate.

(4) Accuracy of delivery date: ensure the accuracy of the delivery date of the company's micro crystalline wax.

(5) Coordination of various work: good cooperation makes the work of both parties go smoothly.

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