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What Are The Uses Of Crude Scale Wax And Semi-Refined Paraffin Wax

Slack Wax Uses

Crude paraffin wax refers to the paraffin wax that has undergone perspiration or solvent deoiling but has not undergone the final refining process. In order to obtain a high melting point, petroleum-based wax needs to be refined again. Crude paraffin has a higher oil content, and the color of the product is also darker. Due to the above and other reasons, compared with the fully refined paraffin with the same melting point, its quality is relatively poor. Crude paraffin with higher oil content has lower tensile strength, and its structure is softer and fragile. Crude scale wax has good thermal stability, certain toughness, and shrinkage.

Crude paraffin has the following applications:

Degraded use of various semi-refined wax applications; lubrication and rust prevention of various steel wire ropes; industrial petroleum jelly; emulsified explosive phase materials, industrial packaging paper; anti-corrosion and demoulding of building molding plates; low-end candles, various combustion additives, and crops Anti-frost and heat preservation; moisture-proof particleboard and fiberboard; low-end hydrocarbon-based grease; low-end PVC product lubricant.

Semi Refined Paraffin Wax Uses

Semi-refined paraffin wax is a slab-like white solid. The relative density increases as the melting point rise. The product has good chemical stability, moderate oil content, good moisture-proof and insulating properties, and good plasticity. The candle produced by semi-refined paraffin wax has a concentrated flame, no smoke and no tears.

Semi-refined paraffin wax can be applied to these material products:

Degraded use of various full wax refinement applications; release materials: plastic, rubber, and other mold release agents, glass fiber reinforced plastic product release; solid lubricating materials: ship launching lubrication, low-speed ski lubrication, low-speed lubrication of underwater machine parts; low protection level The coating material; precision casting low-temperature mold material.

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