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The Role of Fully Refined Paraffin Wax and the Analysis of Its Oil Content

1. Factors of fully refined paraffin wax therapy

Semi-refined paraffin wax is made from oily wax of natural crude oil distillate. After furfural refining, ketone benzene dewaxing, and hydrorefining, solid paraffin wax is formed into slab-shaped and granular-shaped solid paraffin wax. Fully refined paraffin wax refers to oil-containing wax as raw material, which is obtained by sweating or solvent deoiling, and then by clay or hydrorefining. The product.

Warming paraffin wax has high heat capacity, low thermal conductivity and no thermal convection characteristics. It does not contain water, and releases a lot of heat energy when it cools, so it can make people's body tissues endure to a higher temperature (5℃-70℃) and have a lasting heat effect, which is superior to other hyperthermia.

It is generally believed that after paraffin is applied to the human body, the local temperature rises quickly by 8°C to 12°C. After a period of time, it gradually decreased, but the temperature decreased very slowly and maintained a certain temperature within 60min.

The inherent properties of compression paraffin are good plasticity and viscosity. During the cooling process, the volume of the paraffin gradually decreases. It is in close contact with the skin during treatment.

Produce compression and slight compression of the tissue, thus promoting the transfer of temperature to the deep tissue, presenting a mechanical compression effect.

Paraffin selection The paraffin requirements for wax therapy are; white appearance, no impurities, melting point 50-50 (paraffin melting point used in wax bath can be lower), and pH is neutral. Does not contain water-soluble acid salts, the oil content is not more than 0.9%, and the viscosity is good.

The temperature of paraffin heating should not be too high, such as medical paraffin whose melting point is 52℃-55℃. It can be heated to 60℃-65℃. If the heating is too high or over 10°C, the paraffin can be oxidized and deteriorated, and the plasticity and viscosity of the paraffin can be affected, and it can also stimulate the skin to produce dermatitis.

2. Analysis of oil content of fully refined paraffin wax

Fully refined paraffin wax is also known as refined white wax. The appearance of fully refined paraffin wax is white solid: there are block and granular products. Its product has a higher melting point and less oil content. Moisture resistance and good electrical insulation.

Due to the deep degree of refinement, low content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, good chemical stability and photothermal stability, strong toughness, good plasticity, white color, no mechanical impurities and moisture, no odor, fully refined paraffin wax is soluble in phenyl ether chloroform carbon disulfide , carbon tetrachloride, turpentine, petroleum, fixed oils.

Fully refined paraffin wax is mainly used in high-frequency porcelain, carbon paper, stylus wax paper, precision casting, decorative sound-absorbing panels and other products, as well as packaging, electronics, textile wax, crayons, match manufacturing and other industries. In addition, it manufactures high-grade candles and various industrial and civil candle products, raw materials and additives, modifiers, etc.

Paraffin wax products are in a hot melt state for a long time during the modeling or coating process. And contact with the air, if the stability is not good, it is easy to oxidize and deteriorate, the color becomes darker, and even emits a bad smell.

In addition, paraffin wax will turn yellow when exposed to light. Therefore, paraffin is required to have good thermal stability, oxidation stability and light stability.

Paraffin is a mixture of hydrocarbons, so it does not have a strict melting point like a pure compound. The so-called melting point of paraffin refers to the paraffin sample that has been cooled and melted under specified conditions.

Fully refined paraffin wax is mainly used as a component and packaging material for food and other commodities (such as wax paper, crayons, candles, carbon paper).

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