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The Protective Principle and Structure of Rubber Protective Wax

1. The protective principle of rubber protective wax

As the name suggests, rubber protective wax is a special wax specially formulated and processed to protect rubber products from light, oxygen and ozone erosion and aging.

Its main protection principle is to add a certain amount of rubber protective wax to the rubber compound to make it melt into the rubber compound and achieve a certain degree of saturation.

When the rubber product is affected by the external temperature, the rubber protective wax in the rubber product is also affected by the external temperature and migrates to the surface of the rubber product.

A wax film with smooth surface, uniform thickness, good airtightness, compact structure, strong toughness, elasticity and strong adhesion is formed on the surface of rubber products and is not easy to fall off.

The formation of the wax film on the surface of rubber products effectively restrains the erosion and aging of the surface of rubber products by light, oxygen and ozone, and prevents the surface layer of rubber products from cracking, thereby prolonging its service life

At the same time, it must be pointed out that in order to have this ability, a suitable chemical antioxidant should be added when the rubber protective wax compound is formulated, in order to exert a common effect and make it play a good additive effect, that is, the synergistic effect of the anti-aging system.

Rubber protective wax has its special physical resistance and containment ability to light, oxygen and ozone. Its adaptable temperature range is -5°C - +55°C, and it can play a good protective effect within this temperature range.

2. The structure of rubber protective wax

The composition structure of rubber protective wax is very different from that of ordinary paraffin wax. The internal structure of rubber protective wax is determined according to the temperature range of rubber products and the ability to suppress ozone erosion.

According to the anti-aging requirements and adaptability of the rubber compound, the internal structure of various petroleum waxes and microcrystalline waxes is determined and screened. It is processed and combined to form a special protective wax for rubber which is composed of different groups, different melting points and different fractions, but has a certain carbon number distribution structure and content.

In layman's terms, this is the inherent quality of rubber protective wax, and its use characteristics can be determined according to the temperature range of ozone eroding rubber and the working conditions of use.

At present, rubber protective waxes in various countries are basically divided into four types, medium-temperature protective wax, medium-high temperature protective wax, high-temperature protective wax and all-weather protective wax. Enterprises can choose appropriate rubber materials according to the characteristics of rubber products.

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