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The Lubricating Effect of Fischer-Tropsch Wax Improves Product Quality

Fischer-Tropsch wax is used as a lubricant in the plastics industry. It can be used as an external lubricant for PVC. Low viscosity can improve the production speed of the product, which is helpful for the dispersion of pigments and fillers during mixing, especially in the extrusion of high viscosity systems, 40-50% less added than ordinary PE wax, and can significantly improve the surface gloss of the product. The melted Fischer Tropsch wax can effectively wet the dye and reduce extrusion viscosity when using strong colors.

1. The lubricating effect of Fischer-Tropsch wax improves the mechanical properties of PVC plastic products

The mechanical properties (strength, hardness, toughness) of PVC plastic products only reach the optimum value at a certain degree of plasticization. PVC lubricants can not only slow down the heating rate of materials through external lubrication to inhibit plasticization, but also weaken the interaction between PVC molecules through internal lubrication to promote plasticization. Therefore, through the rational use of lubricants, the mechanical properties of PVC products can be optimized.

2. The lubricating effect of Fischer-Tropsch wax improves the surface quality of products

The use of lubricants can effectively improve the surface quality of PVC products, because melt fracture is the main cause of surface problems such as smoothness and poor gloss of polymer products, and rational use of lubricants can eliminate PVC melt fractures.

3. The lubricating effect of Fischer-Tropsch wax improves the surface smoothness of the product

For plastic products with large specific surface area, surface adhesion often brings many difficulties to their production and application. PVC lubricants can reduce the interaction force between two adjacent surfaces through external lubrication, thereby improving the surface smoothness of products. This is very important for PVC flexible film processing and application.

4. The lubricating effect of Fischer-Tropsch wax imparts anti-fog and anti-static properties to the product

PVC lubricant can increase the polarity of the surface of the product and reduce its surface resistivity, so it can give the product certain anti-fogging and antistatic properties.

FT wax is used in PVC composite stabilizer, mainly used as a lubricant, which plays a lubricating role. Low oil content, low penetration, low mobility, very low melt viscosity, high stability, hardness and wear resistance. It can provide long-term, highly stable lubrication effect under the condition of low addition amount. Effectively reduce processing torque, reduce production energy consumption, and improve production efficiency. The degree of aging resistance and the properties of the surface materials of the products are significantly improved.

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