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The Efficacy and Role of Industrial Paraffin

With the gradual development of modern science and technology, industrial paraffin is a product of the development of science and technology, which is extracted in traditional industries. It can be used in all walks of life, and it is also a ubiquitous raw material in our lives. Industrial paraffin is a mixture extracted from petroleum. It exists close to crystals and can be used in industrial production. However, many people in life do not know about industrial paraffin, and do not know what functions and functions it has. Today Make a detailed introduction to it, and those who want to know about industrial paraffin can take a look at it.

1. Moisture and water resistance of industrial paraffin

Industrial paraffin is mostly light yellow or white translucent solid. It is widely used in industrial production and has various functions such as moisture-proof and waterproof. People soak food packaging paper in industrial paraffin, which can enhance the moisture-proof and water-proof properties of the paper and prevent food from deteriorating.

2. Industrial paraffin can be produced into wax paste

Industrial paraffin is widely used in waterproof and moisture-proof fields. It can also be used to process fiberboard, matches and various detergents. It has strong decontamination ability. In addition, it can also be used in the production of candles, which can fix the shape of candles and prolong candles. burning time.

3. Industrial paraffin can be used to produce wax paper

Industrial paraffin can also be used in the production and processing of cotton textiles. Before producing cotton textiles, the prepared cotton yarn can be soaked in industrial paraffin, which can increase the toughness and elasticity of cotton yarn and make the finished textiles have good elasticity.

4. The efficacy and function of industrial paraffin are mainly manifested in industrial production

Industrial paraffin also has a certain value in the production of Chinese patent medicines and food production. There is a certain amount of paraffin in the chewing gum we eat, but everyone must know that industrial paraffin cannot be taken blindly, otherwise it will endanger your health. It can also cause physical discomfort.

The above introduces the efficacy and function of industrial paraffin for everyone, so that everyone can have a more comprehensive understanding of industrial paraffin, so that everyone can make better use of it in daily life, but when using industrial paraffin, it is mainly industrial production, try not to use it It is added to food, let alone eat it blindly, otherwise it will cause harm to human health. In addition, when industrial paraffin is used in industrial production, attention should also be paid to the proportion and matching of materials, otherwise it will be difficult for industrial paraffin to exert its due effect.

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