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How Much Do You Know About Polish Wax?

The important components of polish wax include esters naturally occurring from high-end fatty acids and high-end fatty alcohols, as well as natural waxes from animals such as whale wax, beeswax, lanolin wax, Brazilian palm wax, montan wax, and Carnauba wax; Manufacturers also use mineral natural waxes with hydrocarbons as important ingredients, such as liquid paraffin wax, petrolatum wax, microcrystalline wax, white wax, and peat wax; chemically modified natural waxes, such as various lanolin wax chemical derivatives, etc.

1. The main ingredients of polish wax

Polish wax is divided into green wax, purple wax, blue wax, black wax, and yellow wax (sand wax). The main components of polish wax are stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, rosin and other adhesives, plus abrasives such as feldspar powder, chromium oxide, corundum, iron oxide, etc., different fineness and varieties are made according to different matrix components and requirements.

In general, different colors are used to represent different varieties of polish wax to avoid confusion when using. A high concentration of abrasives can accelerate the entire polishing process. This process is polishing wax that moves on the surface of the polishing wheel to make the material smooth.

2. The choice of size for polish wax

The motor power determines the size of the polishing wheel, and the motor shaft must be matched with the aperture of the polishing wheel. Place the polishing wheel in the center of the shaft and tighten it with a wrench. The surface linear speed of the polishing wheel should be uniform to obtain the best polishing effect. Therefore, if too large polishing wheels are used with a smaller motor, the linear speed will decrease significantly during polishing, and the polishing effect will be affected.

3. The difference between polish wax and scratch wax

Both of them have abrasives. The abrasive of scratch wax is talc, while the abrasive of polish wax is synthetic wax. Talc is slippery and thin, while synthetic wax is hard and thick. Polish wax is a kind of car wax used in combination with polishing machines to remove scratches on the car body. Polishing can grind off the aging paint film on the paint surface, make a new paint film, and restore the gloss. The main function of car wax is to prevent rain and acid rain. Different colors represent different varieties of polish wax, used to avoid confusion when using. If you want to speed up the entire polishing process, you can use abrasives with a high concentration. This process is the movement of the surface of the polishing wax polishing wheel to make the material smooth.

Scratch wax is a kind of car wax used to repair small scratches on the car paint surface. Its nature is equivalent to abrasive, and its working principle is the same as sandpaper, which is applied to the car paint surface. Scratch wax can quickly remove fine scratches on the car paint surface, effectively solve fading, and polish and care for the car paint, making the gloss of the car paint better.

The car paint surface is like the skin of a car. Scratches, acid rain, ultraviolet rays, etc., can cause great damage to the paint surface. At this time, the car wax will play its role, forming a protective layer on the outer layer of the car, protecting the car paint at all times. Different car paints have different functions, so different car waxes should be selected according to the different situations of the car paint.

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