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Fischer-tropsch Wax Applicable Fields and Market Competition

As an internal lubricant, Fischer-Tropsch wax can effectively control shear conditions, promote flow, control friction and melting properties, thereby improving thermal stability. As an external lubricant, due to its high crystallinity and high linearity structure, adding Fischer-Tropsch wax and internal lubricant in an appropriate ratio can obtain the best physical and processing properties.

1. Fischer-Tropsch wax is used in hot melt adhesives

The properties of hot melt adhesives at high temperatures are mainly determined by the range of melting temperature and the type of wax added to them. The melting point and crystallinity of the wax added to the hot melt adhesive control the initial solidification temperature and curing time of the hot melt adhesive, and at the same time, affect the plasticity and tensile properties of the hot melt adhesive. The low viscosity properties of Fischer-Tropsch waxes facilitate efficient mixing of resins and pumping of hot melt adhesives while maintaining moderate surface wetting of polymers and resins.

2. Fischer-Tropsch wax is used in plastic processing

As a polyolefin processing lubricant, Fischer Tropsch wax has good compatibility with polyolefin, and improves the processing performance of polyolefin in the process of injection molding, extrusion, compounding and blow molding, thereby improving the productivity of processing equipment and product quality. At the same time, due to the improved fluidity of polyolefins, the processing temperature can be reduced, which contributes to energy saving and emission reduction in the processing process. In addition, Fischer-Tropsch wax is mainly used as a dispersant in the processing of masterbatches.

3. Fischer-Tropsch wax is used in inks and coatings

Fischer-Tropsch waxes used in inks and coatings are mainly micropowder products. The micro-powdered Fischer-Tropsch wax formed by spraying has good spherical particles and low surface tension, and can be used in a variety of inks, water-based and oil-based coatings, providing them with good lubricating effects, and at the same time, improving the scratch resistance and resistance of the coating. grinding performance.

4. Fischer-Tropsch wax is used in composite lead and calcium-zinc stabilizers

FT wax has outstanding effects on improving its impurity precipitation, weather resistance and stability during the processing of PVC products.

5. Fischer-Tropsch wax is used in food and cosmetics

Fischer-Tropsch wax is used in the food field and can be used as an additive in the manufacture of chewing gum base materials. Fischer-Tropsch wax is used in the field of cosmetics, as a dispersant for make-up, as a basic material for styling, and in the production of lotion and cream products.

Fischer-Tropsch wax is used in a wide range of fields, but due to the product series still to be developed and the immature market cultivation, the application of Fischer-Tropsch wax in these fields has not been fully opened. In particular, Fischer-Tropsch wax is also faced with the threat of substitutes such as paraffin wax, polyethylene wax and microcrystalline wax. At present, the field of practical application of Fischer-Tropsch wax still needs to be further developed.

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