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Application of Micro Crystalline Wax

1. Microcrystalline wax is used as a paraffin wax modifier

Adding a small amount of microcrystalline wax to paraffin wax can change the crystal form of paraffin wax, improve the water permeability and moisture permeability of paraffin wax, increase the bending resistance, plasticity and flexibility, so as to make paraffin wax more suitable for water prevention, moisture-proof, molding, papermaking and other fields.

For example, the micro crystal wax composition used in the mold during the casting process; Used for casting engraving or mechanical modeling (such as preparing ship model for testing); application in packaging paper processing; interlayer coating and heat sealing coating of flexible packaging paper, frozen food cardboard, etc.

Used to treat the components of corrugated board to improve moisture resistance; In addition, the base wax added with microcrystalline wax can have ideal polishing performance, good solvent retention and appropriate consistency;

Adding a certain amount of microcrystalline wax to the wax component impregnated with poultry feathers can increase the flexibility of feathers; Adding mixed wax (paraffin wax and microcrystalline wax) to rubber as a crack inhibitor can make rubber products easy to demould.

2. Microcrystalline wax is used as an oil thickener

Microcrystalline wax has the characteristics of high gel strength, good adhesion and good protection. It can be used to manufacture grease and vaseline thickeners for various meters, seals.

3. Microcrystalline wax is used to prepare household chemicals

An ointment made from microcrystalline wax and other ingredients, cold oil, moisturizing cream, rouge, lip balm, sunscreen crack cream, hair cream, etc., are of fine texture and good softness.

4. Microcrystalline wax for electrical insulation

In the electrical industry, microcrystalline wax can be used as a coating and coating agent. Such as electrolyte paper impregnation in the capacitor, battery sealing, cable insulation paper impregnation and metal surface electroplating, coating of electroplating shielding part without special requirements.

5. Application of microcrystalline wax in food and medicine

Because microcrystalline wax has high molecular weight and high viscosity when melting, it has a very fine crystal structure in solid-state; Microcrystalline wax with low melting strength has toughness, elasticity and dryness, and forms a stronger heat seal than paraffin wax;

In addition, these waxes have no obvious transition point in the solid state, and their melting/curing strength range is wider than that of paraffin wax, which makes microcrystalline wax more suitable for the food industry.

In the food industry, it is mainly used as gum composition, food coating (i.e. cheese coating for preservation), fruit coating, beverage coating, milk carton, meat and poultry coating, bread wrapping paper coating, paper container (such as microcrystalline wax carton for ice cream, milk and fruit juice) and can lining.

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